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Conquering Leadership and Conrad Singh (Tennis)

Conquering Leadership and Conrad Singh (Tennis)

November 27, 2020

Why is tennis the sport of executive leaders?

Well tennis is tough, a high functioning sport that develops more than physical skills; it develops independence of thought, courage, decision making processes, tenacity and efficiency. 

Conrad Singh is the COO of Center Courts Tennis in New Jersey. He is also a pioneer - a "tennis-preneur, " an early adopter of biomechanics studies in sport & influencer in the evolution of talent.

An absolute advocate of coach education & intentional learning, Conrad has owned tennis academies as well as coached some of the best upcoming talent in Australia, China and the U.S.

What does a leader of leaders have to do to stay relevant?

What is tennis doing to pivot in the COVID world?

How do you sustain your own good health in a world where excellence is the standard?

Get your answers here on Conquering Leadership and Conrad Singh.






Conquering Leadership & James Hoxworth (part 2)

Conquering Leadership & James Hoxworth (part 2)

November 24, 2020

Why do we need this show?

Leadership needs integrity not perfection; it is personal not programmed; this show is real value content by the likes of James the Padre, for those on their own journey. 

In part 2 of James' program we dig deeper into the necessity & value of spiritual leadership in our personal, professional & communal lives.

"Pastors are not immune to moral failure and, pastors can also not pursue God." Pastoral roles are some of the loneliest jobs on the planet and like a modern Executives comprise similar challenges. Pastors, however, are probably more open to nourishment of the soul. 

Why is servant leadership open to corruption?

How can spiritual leaders manage executive stresses?

What is true tolerance beyond the confines of a gratuitous society?

Find it all here in Conquering Leadership with James Hoxworth.




Conquering Leadership & James Hoxworth “The Padre”

Conquering Leadership & James Hoxworth “The Padre”

November 19, 2020

Why do we need the Church and #spirituality?

Why go to Church?

Why is the man knocking at the door of the brothel, actually searching for God?

Well, meet James "the Padre," orator, philosopher and master of #divinity, and learn the answers to this questions and more. (This show was recorded on November 11 - Armistice Day.)

"Theologians and historians speak about Christendom ... " today in America we see a "de-churching movement" and broadly speaking many churches are ageing & dying with their congregations.

Pain is God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world; #COVID has revealed a massive #cultural fear of death & an idolatry of #wealth and #health as guarantees by society; it has pulled back the curtain on how freakishly afraid our #culture is of losing #control and blown our senses of #security to bits.

In this context, arguably, the Church and spiritual leadership are as important today than ever before.

Whether or not you believe yourself to be a follower of #religions, take time to listen to James. He is a most compelling speaker and in part one of this show, I promise you will discover something about spirituality in your own life.







Conquering Leadership & Evan Stratton (full episode).

Conquering Leadership & Evan Stratton (full episode).

November 11, 2020

Many of us watch action movies for a visceral thrill - whether you like Stallone, Statham or Schwarzenegger, you would do well to listen to Stratton. 

"We get hung up looking for big wins and big gratification ... we should learn to value and give ourselves grace and reward for the small wins."

This is the full interview with Evan Stratton, U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran, transatlantic rower and world record holder.

How do we manage vulnerability in the workplace?

Why does an "open door policy" no longer "cut the mustard"?

What does "walking the walking" actually look like?


Conversations cost very little and with Evan we explore the ingredients in his leadership layer cake with open discussions around personal development, working in the civilain world and common attributes in good leaders.


Conquering Leadership & Evan Stratton (PTSD pullout)

Conquering Leadership & Evan Stratton (PTSD pullout)

November 8, 2020

Conquering Leadership & Evan C. Stratton (PTSD Pullout).

Healthier and happier employees have a postive impact on our bottom line.

At 19 years old, when many are celebrating high school, Evan's best friend died in his arms in Iraq. Today Evan, a decorated war hero, #worldrecordholder & family guy, works in the world of people development.

On this day of #rememberance, we take another step understanding #mentalhealth issues. "Sometimes getting out of bed, taking a shower and showing up, is the big win."

This episode is not egregious, it is an effort to elucidate and educate on some of the challenges our people face today.

What can you do to help?

What is a "neural scar" and how can you repair it?

How do we identify who is struggling today?


#intentionallearning #normalcy #rugby #wellbeing #stress #wellness #coaching #generation #depression #development #respect


Conquering Leadership & Richard Lamondin

Conquering Leadership & Richard Lamondin

November 5, 2020

Our guest on this episode of Conquering Leadership is the CEO and Founder of Ecosystems, a water and energy conservation firm, recognized by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing company of its kind in the U.S. 

"In a few years with current infrastructure, more than 30% of U.S. households will not be able to afford water utilites."

Richard Lamondin grew up in culturally diverse Miami, in an environment that made him acutely aware of ecological fragility. Today he and is brother are tackling, at a granular level, the preservation and conservation of water and energy.

An empathetic extrovert, Richard is wise beyond his years. He has been recognized by Forbes, the Miami Herald & Multifamily Executive magazine, for his industry and selected as Endeavor Miami's Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. 

How do you respond when the U.S. President takes a potshot at your business?

How do you prove the positive impact of environmental protection on the bottom line?

How do you manage the boundaries of professionalism & toilet humor? 

It's all here in Conquering #Leadership.



Conquering Leadership & Gale Skinner

Conquering Leadership & Gale Skinner

October 23, 2020

Guests on the Black Dragon podcasts are authentic & real & none more so than Gale Skinner, Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention at Dietrich Partners .

"Leadership is like Dodgeball...."

The Business approach to managing human resource capital takes many forms and today in the very "gucci & glamorous" world of talent acquisition Gale offers up insights in to how to get the best out of your people.

Why does good health & happiness have a positive impact on your bottom line?

How do women executives compare with special forces leadership?

What's the cost of better mental health awareness & how do we adapt to the COVID - 19 reality?

Gale really is a super human being, a leader of people, and a leader of leaders in modern business.

In this show, discover the ingredients in her leadership layer cake and get the skinny on inspirational impact and why women are some of the best Executives. 

Conquering Leadership & John Dyke

Conquering Leadership & John Dyke

October 16, 2020

Conquering Leadership & John Dyke

"... making the pay grade, doesn't necessarily mean you're a good leader." - "... we watch millionaires play football ... (and) they tend to come from working class families." - "... football speaks any language in any culture."


Manchester is famous for many things, Fashion, Music, Education and of course Football. One of the most famous Mancuninans & man of the people is our guest John, the Academy Director at Goals Soccer Centres, part of the Manchester City Football Club

All the ingredients you need to bake your leadership layer cake are in this show.

Sports, technologies, diversity & cultural intelligence, personalities & controversies. We learn about leading without micromanagement, the origins of inspiration & creating vision.

What's it take to stay at the top of your game?

Why is change essential ?

What's the impact of controversial leadership decisions?

How do we make decisions in the 60 mph football game ?


#football #leadershipdevelopment #coaching #rugby #soccer #sportmanagement #intentionallearning #sport #premierleague #growth #culture #diversity

Conquering Leadership & Otis McGregor (2)

Conquering Leadership & Otis McGregor (2)

October 10, 2020
Conquering Leadership & Otis McGregor.
"... time is our most precious asset, which we can never get back ... woe be unto the person who steals my time."
Optimism is the essence of good leadership but is it spiritual, a program or a process? And, drinking 1000 cups of coffee helps you learn the secrets of business (put the kettle on now).
In part two of this podcast we continue with Otis McGregor, retired Green Beret Lt. Colonel, owner of LTO Enterprises & co-host of the Cam & Otis show.
Philosophically we dive deep on leaders versus managers & on the way through debate servant leadership as a fallacious concept & not a real construct. Looking at all aspects of life, love & labor we determine whether or not there is such a thing as work life balance or just life.
Enjoy all of these subjects and more in Conquering Leadership & Otis McGregor
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Conquering Leadership & Otis McGregor

Conquering Leadership & Otis McGregor

October 9, 2020
Conquering Leadership & Otis McGregor.
Why is family so important to support your leadership journey?
This podcast comes in two parts. In part one, we meet Otis McGregor, retired Green Beret Lt. Colonel, owner of LTO Enterprises & co-host of the Cam & Otis show.
Otis explains leadership in guerilla warfare & what determines success in enabling sustainable secure environments. We explore leadership in mixed culture theatres & discuss how to engage different types of people to achieve common aims.
What is the "Trust Triad" ?
Who inspires this Special Forces leader?
How do pig purchasing negotiations enable the success of others?
Well find out here at Conquering Leadership & Otis McGregor
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