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Conquering Leadership & Aaron Clippinger

Conquering Leadership & Aaron Clippinger

January 2, 2021

Why is it important to innovate in your business?

In this show we meet Aaron Clippinger, the #CEO of Vujade #Software, an innovative organization servicing the #signage industry across the USA.

In an old and established #industry Aaron and his team have pivoted, pioneered and progressed through an era bookended by the 2008 Great #Depression to the current COVID #pandemic.

How do you create profitability in a depression era?

What do you do to recover from internal fraud?

Why are the by-products of "failures" essential to the innovative process?

Learn the answer to these questions and more in Conquering Leadership with Aaron Clippinger.   

Conquering Leadership & James Holder

Conquering Leadership & James Holder

December 28, 2020

Why is democratic management important to clinical leadership?

James Holder is a veterinary surgeon, with more than twenty years experience in animal wellbeing.

Providing insights into the purpose of animals in our lives and how the treatment of animals has evolved, James is well positioned to share knowledge on the roles of veterinarians in a wellbeing industry that is often perceived as an illness industry. 

From mentoring idealists, through combating sedentary life, to the poplulation of camels in Australia, this show is a rich repertoire of rhetoric.

What should you expect when you enter the veterinary world?

Where does antiviral research provide opportunity for collaboration between industries?

What drives people to enter veterinary practice and how does that impact their human experiences?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in Conquering Leadership with James Holder.


Conquering Leadership & Mike Friday

Conquering Leadership & Mike Friday

December 23, 2020

Why do we need to understand diversity to create inclusion?

Well, it is awesome to have a special Christmas show and, learn why with Mike Friday, the Head Coach of the USA Mens' Olympic rugby team.

Mike truly walks the walk on leadership ability, value sets and has started an "American Revolution" of his own kind spearheading innovation and a significant improvement in rugby in the U.S. through the sevens game. 

Having also coached England and then Kenya, as well as delivering series wins over New Zealand, Mike is extremely well equipped to understand human traits and instincts and is generous enough to share with us here.

Why do we need to know our own Achilles' heel in our intentional learning cycles?

How do we adapt our worst experiences to become our best experiences?

What happens when your underdog team beats the #1 recognised rugby leader?

Why is it important to listen to the wisdom of moms?

The answers and more are all here, in Conquering Leadership, with Mike Friday.



Conquering Leadership & Andy Bentote

Conquering Leadership & Andy Bentote

December 17, 2020

Why is E.Q. edging out I.Q. as an essential requirement for Executive Leadership roles?

Well, Andy, the Regional Managing Director of Michael Page Greater China is walking the walk on all things relative to the essentials of talent development. 

Andy's journey takes him from the U.K. through Germany into China and now he plys his trade in Hong Kong which in recent times has endured challenges to its legal democracy as well as the impact of the COVID-19 virus. 


Why is intentional learning critical in the development of good leaders?

Why is looking after your own wellbeing important to the relative wellbeing of your team?

How do you map and evolve your own E.Q.?

Take a listen to this episode of Conquering Leadership to find out the answers to this question and more.

Conquering Leadership & Michael Jackson.

Conquering Leadership & Michael Jackson.

December 12, 2020

Why are reluctant leaders critical to business transformation? 

Well Michael Jackson - Calway, (yes, I know what the title says, ... ;) ) like his "namesake" is a prodigy. In this case of leadership.

He started minding the family store at age 15, back in Australia and, fast forward to now, is instrumental in the transition of executive leadership.

With a strong history in the retail and hotel sectors, Michael, currently in Macao, has worked in Australia, Indonesia, China, Africa and the UK where he has tackled the esoteric world of leadership enabling businesses to better perform within their scope of operations.

This episode is more than just a podcast, it's an actual lesson on leadership development. 

What is luxury leadership?

Why is culture the leader, not the person? 

Find out here in Conquering Leadership.

Conquering Leadership and Conrad Singh (Tennis)

Conquering Leadership and Conrad Singh (Tennis)

November 27, 2020

Why is tennis the sport of executive leaders?

Well tennis is tough, a high functioning sport that develops more than physical skills; it develops independence of thought, courage, decision making processes, tenacity and efficiency. 

Conrad Singh is the COO of Center Courts Tennis in New Jersey. He is also a pioneer - a "tennis-preneur, " an early adopter of biomechanics studies in sport & influencer in the evolution of talent.

An absolute advocate of coach education & intentional learning, Conrad has owned tennis academies as well as coached some of the best upcoming talent in Australia, China and the U.S.

What does a leader of leaders have to do to stay relevant?

What is tennis doing to pivot in the COVID world?

How do you sustain your own good health in a world where excellence is the standard?

Get your answers here on Conquering Leadership and Conrad Singh.






Conquering Leadership & James Hoxworth (part 2)

Conquering Leadership & James Hoxworth (part 2)

November 24, 2020

Why do we need this show?

Leadership needs integrity not perfection; it is personal not programmed; this show is real value content by the likes of James the Padre, for those on their own journey. 

In part 2 of James' program we dig deeper into the necessity & value of spiritual leadership in our personal, professional & communal lives.

"Pastors are not immune to moral failure and, pastors can also not pursue God." Pastoral roles are some of the loneliest jobs on the planet and like a modern Executives comprise similar challenges. Pastors, however, are probably more open to nourishment of the soul. 

Why is servant leadership open to corruption?

How can spiritual leaders manage executive stresses?

What is true tolerance beyond the confines of a gratuitous society?

Find it all here in Conquering Leadership with James Hoxworth.




Conquering Leadership & James Hoxworth “The Padre”

Conquering Leadership & James Hoxworth “The Padre”

November 19, 2020

Why do we need the Church and #spirituality?

Why go to Church?

Why is the man knocking at the door of the brothel, actually searching for God?

Well, meet James "the Padre," orator, philosopher and master of #divinity, and learn the answers to this questions and more. (This show was recorded on November 11 - Armistice Day.)

"Theologians and historians speak about Christendom ... " today in America we see a "de-churching movement" and broadly speaking many churches are ageing & dying with their congregations.

Pain is God's megaphone to rouse a deaf world; #COVID has revealed a massive #cultural fear of death & an idolatry of #wealth and #health as guarantees by society; it has pulled back the curtain on how freakishly afraid our #culture is of losing #control and blown our senses of #security to bits.

In this context, arguably, the Church and spiritual leadership are as important today than ever before.

Whether or not you believe yourself to be a follower of #religions, take time to listen to James. He is a most compelling speaker and in part one of this show, I promise you will discover something about spirituality in your own life.







Conquering Leadership & Evan Stratton (full episode).

Conquering Leadership & Evan Stratton (full episode).

November 11, 2020

Many of us watch action movies for a visceral thrill - whether you like Stallone, Statham or Schwarzenegger, you would do well to listen to Stratton. 

"We get hung up looking for big wins and big gratification ... we should learn to value and give ourselves grace and reward for the small wins."

This is the full interview with Evan Stratton, U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran, transatlantic rower and world record holder.

How do we manage vulnerability in the workplace?

Why does an "open door policy" no longer "cut the mustard"?

What does "walking the walking" actually look like?


Conversations cost very little and with Evan we explore the ingredients in his leadership layer cake with open discussions around personal development, working in the civilain world and common attributes in good leaders.


Conquering Leadership & Evan Stratton (PTSD pullout)

Conquering Leadership & Evan Stratton (PTSD pullout)

November 8, 2020

Conquering Leadership & Evan C. Stratton (PTSD Pullout).

Healthier and happier employees have a postive impact on our bottom line.

At 19 years old, when many are celebrating high school, Evan's best friend died in his arms in Iraq. Today Evan, a decorated war hero, #worldrecordholder & family guy, works in the world of people development.

On this day of #rememberance, we take another step understanding #mentalhealth issues. "Sometimes getting out of bed, taking a shower and showing up, is the big win."

This episode is not egregious, it is an effort to elucidate and educate on some of the challenges our people face today.

What can you do to help?

What is a "neural scar" and how can you repair it?

How do we identify who is struggling today?


#intentionallearning #normalcy #rugby #wellbeing #stress #wellness #coaching #generation #depression #development #respect


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